Team Teke 2010

Aschir 2010                   

Owner Jacqui Bradbury writes: 'Aschir has competed a season at BE 100 level, and is currently schooling at Novice and Intermediate Level (FEI 1*/2**): we are aiming to compete at Novice level in the coming season. He continues to create huge interest wherever he goes and is a great ambassador for the AT in the UK'.


News from Kyzyl Tekes 2010

Cleobury Mortimer Intro ODE, September 5th.

The one we've been aiming at this rather truncated season. Cleobury is a good course for novices, where the technical fences are nicely mixed with good old-fashioned XC - lots of hedges, and fences built into boundaries, so that you really feel you're going somewhere, not jumping a lot of pre-fabricated fences in the middle of a field.

It started to rain as we arrived, and was belting down steadily as Roz and Ainur did one of their less accomplished dressage tests! This was followed by a most uncharacteristic run-out in the SJ - possibly due to the slippery ground, as she lost her footing on one particularly tight corner. (Must use longer studs next time!)

The XC was running well ahead of time, and a lot of competitors took the chance to go early and get off home out of the rain. We waited out our time, and were rewarded by the rain stopping and the sun coming out, to give rapidly improving conditions. It was worth it, as the two of them gave a copybook performance.

Unfortunately, although there are a few Hunter Trials on the calendar, this is the last ODE before Roz goes off to Oxford next month. But it's a good note to end on!

Cleobury Mortimer Hilltop
Cleobury Mortimer Hilltop Hilltop

Monmouthshire Show, August 26th.

A must on our calendar, despite the débâcle last year when entries collapsed, Djargalan's class was passed over and everyone ended up getting their entry fees back!

Despite a horribly early start and pouring rain, we came back for a second try, and Django was placed fourth in the Sporthorse Breeding two-year-old class.

  Hilltop Monmouth

Worcester Riding Club ODE, Hilltop XC Course, August 22nd.

With Ainur's hock injury now fully recovered, Roz made a late start to the season. Having gone clear XC round a small ODE at Cleobury Mortimer to oil the wheels, she was ready to do the 2'9" course at the Worcester RC ODE at Hilltop.

Ainur's steadily improving dressage delivered a score of 36, followed by a clear SJ round. The pair of them went  fluently round the XC course until near the end, when the smallest fence on the course caused them two stops. Through the water, though, with only the briefest of looks - one problem on the way to a solution!

Sam's first foal on the way (30/07/2010)

Sam (Kyzyl Double or Quits) – by Welton Double Cracker out of Gulara, has begun his stud career. Sue Perks' TB x Suffolk mare Ismere Vardy (Stable Name Rosie) has been scanned in foal at twenty-eight days.

Conception was by frozen AI, carried out at Twemlows Hall. Rosie, a fourteen-year-old maiden, took at the first attempt - a great credit to the mare, the stallion and, above all, the AI technicians.


British Equestrian Futurity Day      July 15 2010

Following Yoldash’s successful visit to a BEF Futurity day last year, Dayra Hannigan entered her filly Ayazgul (Dominik/Oinam) to be evaluated for eventing, at the Solihull Equestrian Centre. The filly would not be three till October, but was evaluated as a three year old. Interest was shown in her and her breed by the vet and the BEF officials, although the vet did suggest she might be given a higher score if evaluated for endurance. She gained an 8.5 score from the vet and was given a good body score by the nutrition specialist.

Aya was due to be evaluated late in the day, and on top of that had to wait over an hour – after initial curiosity when out of her trailer, she settled down and waited very quietly, even to the stage of nearly falling asleep so that she had to be woken up when she finally made it into the arena! She was walked and trotted in hand, then cantered and jumped free. She remained calm throughout, and jumped well after a false start when she was not sure what she was supposed to do. Darya was delighted at her taking all this in her stride, and at her overall performance, considering she was four months off her third birthday.

Ayazgul gained an overall score of 8.14, a First Premium. 7.75 for canter, 8.15 for jumping, 8.25 for attitude. There was a comment that her paces were a little flat, but the same comment was applied to several horses before her. An excellent result, especially after the advice that she could get higher scores for endurance!

  Photos : Ange Baxter  



Team Teke is sorry to hear that Pax (see past reports in 'Events') has had to be retired from competion. His owner, Stephanie Richards, writes 'Pax collapsed at the beginning of the year. Following blood tests and X rays he has now been retired from competition. The results are much better than expected and we are hoping to bring him back to work so that my mother can use him to hack.' We wish him well in his retirement.


An Update on the Richardson  Horses

Our yearling Yoldash (Firyuza/Dominik) is now summer holidaying with my daughter, Annette.  Dash was bred for her to take on to do endurance riding in a few years time.  It has turned out that Annette is expecting her first child next month and has since sold her old endurance horse, so hopefully things will work out well for the future.  Annette and Simon were happy to have Dash with them for the summer and they wouldn’t be completely horseless .  It was an opportunity for him to be weaned from his mother and spend a bit of time with some other horses.  He is in with a humungous 18hh old boy who is now retired from show jumping, etc.  He does look very small against him.  Ruffy is very good though and keeps him in his place without being too unkind or too rough.  Those huge feet could do a lot of damage if he were to kick out – laying his ears back is enough to keep Dash in his place.  He is a bit of a wimp though and is not too keen on this roughing it out in the field in the rain (although we’ve not seen a lot of that this year).  He’s used to having access to his stable for inclement weather.

We have him booked in to the BEF Futurity again this year.  We are going to Catherston Stud in mid-August.  It will be interesting to see how we get on this year after doing well last year as a 6-week old foal.

We are also hoping to take him to a show or 2 during the summer months to expand his education.  He is coming along well with his natural horsemanship and enjoys learning new things.  Probably, like most Akhal-Tekes, he isn’t fazed by much and quite happily investigates most things without any fear – he’s just so interested in everything.

While Yoldash has been away, I have been riding his mum, Firyuza, quite a lot and we have done a couple of sponsored rides and some endurance pleasure rides.  She seems to enjoy these after spending a year looking after her son.  She is now six and hopefully, next year we will expand on the endurance riding and do a few novice competitive rides.  I am very lucky to have lovely forests to ride in off-road all the time but it is nice to ride in other areas of the country with different terrain.

We are having such pleasure from owning Yoldash and he is much admired and loved by everyone.  The locals near our yard want to know when he’s coming back.  He is such a friendly ‘people’ horse.  He loves everyone.


Jackie Richardson adds: Took the boy to the Futurity Tuesday 17 August.  We went to Catherston Stud this time (Jenny Loriston-Clarke's place).  He did very well and got 8.36 out of 10, which gave him a First Premium again.  There were only 2 in the Endurance section and he just beat the other entry.  I see from the results that he was somewhere in the middle for that day and is somewhere in the middle of all the endurance entries for the whole country.
We were very proud of the way that he behaved.  He loaded himself into the trailer both ways and didn't bat an eyelid at anything at the venue or all the other horses.  The assessors liked his lovely friendly attitude.  He had to go and have a chat with them when he was turned loose to canter.  It was really difficult to get him to canter with me running up and down driving him away.  He was only interested in the judges and the camera people.  I don't think we will bother next year as we feel that he has proved he is hopefully going to be a good horse.
The previous weekend, Annette took him to a local show and entered him in the coloured class in the pouring rain.  He ended up 2nd out of 8.  He did well as a yearling to beat other more mature horses - perhaps the judge liked duns as the winner was a dun as well.  We might take him to another show this weekend and then call it a day for this year.

Yoldash aged 1 year


The Great Rescue Ride, July 25

Maria Marquise Baverstock and Mualim took part in this sponsored ride, organised by Endurance GB as part of their Tally Ho ride near Salisbury Plain, in aid of Horseworld, the Bristol based equine rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming charity. The ride was fifteen miles, starting at Kingston Deverill, near Warminster. Maria reports that the scenery and terrain were wonderful, but Mualim disliked the vetting procedure somewhat!