Team Teke 2011

Solaris Sport Horses

Kambarbay got off to a good start this year at his first affiliated shows. A double clear at Cabin Equestrian Centre in the BSJA 95cm Open gained him a third place. At Kirriemuir in the BE 90 his dressage scores were somewhat disappointing and harshly marked: he rode a very accurate test, very well engaged but was a little too focused on the horses riding around next to the arenas warming up! The plastic jumps seemed to be hiding monsters reflected by the sun and the corner jump in the cross country proved a challenge as he swung wide and had to circle back. However at Brechin Castle a fortnight later, he rode a very good dressage test and jumped clear in both the cross country and jumping phase earning his first foundation point. Time faults earned put him in overall 11th place: had he been within the allowed time he would have been placed 1st, so the next challenge is to ask for a little more speed.
Kambarbay has generated considerable interest from mare owners, with 11 coverings and 8 pregnancies confirmed. A number of clients have expressed interest for next season once his first foals are on the ground, which we tend to find is generally the case when we introduce a new young stallion to the market. In general the breeding season 2011 for stallions across the UK and Europe have been dramatically reduced, a clear indication that breeders are very much cutting back with young stock struggling to fetch good prices on the open market compared to previous years.
So what's next for Kambarbay? Well, he will be returning to Lucy at Craigie Equestrian in Aberdeenshire to continue his training over the winter. It's perhaps a little too late in the season now for him to compete in any of the end of season events but continuing training, BSJA and affiliated dressage are all very much on the cards this winter in preparation for the Eventing season 2012. It's really quite unfortunate that the stud season clashes with so many good events, but he is young enough yet to benefit from a rest period over the summer months and there's no hurry to ask too much of him; patience and training is our top priority for Kambarbay.


Update from Devon: Maria Baverstock's horses

Mualim's full endurance results are on Endurance GB website. You have to go to Results and search by his name Mualim Shael. We did 52km recently at Cirencester Park. It was hot and the ground was hard but we passed with Grade 4, speed 13.62km per hour and heart beat 52 bpm. We didn't quite make last year's speed of 15km per hour but then we added another 11km to the distance, and we rode on our own 85% of the way, which always reduces the speed. Heart rate at the end was higher than last year. Physically, Mualim is not a natural candidate for endurance - he is neither light-built nor light-footed but his character makes him a fantastic riding partner because once he agrees to do something (and he has agreed to do endurance!) he is so reliable and careful and clever. It is also utterly amazing that he is able to do what he does considering the severity of his spinal injury. I am going to stick around with 40-50km for this season and may attempt 65km next year. The really big distances don't attract me but it would be great to do an 80km race ride one day.
I also took Tina's mare Perimli to a classical dressage clinic with Marijke de Jong. This was a great experience and both the mare and I are gradually getting the hang of it. The system is called Straightness Training - a kind-of Everyman Guide to Vienna High School. She does shoulder-in in-hand quite well now and is learning travers. I find all the exercises easier under saddle but this system is all about teaching the horse to do everything from the ground first. They do canter pirouettes in-hand, it is utterly amazing. I was inspired to join the course by Noelle Schon, an endurance rider in Luxembourg who has two Tekes.
Yes, we have another Mualim son this year, out of Mushmula. It is evident that Mualim-Mushmula combination is a winner. Our foal is called Windsor - his photos are on my Facebook.
We also have a yearling from Mualim/Perimli combination from last year. He is a charming sort and a curious combination of his exceptionally dozy mother and fierce father. He has a great topline which I have come to value more and more in Tekes over the years, because so many of them are lacking in that department.

Maria and Mualim Shael

News from the Richardsons' yard

I thought I would pop up on Dash on his 2nd birthday.  He looks quite small with me on him - just about 14.2hh.  I imagine that he will reach 15hh or so when he has matured.  He still seems to be keeping his lovely colour, which is a bonus. He has gone down with Annette for a few months for his summer holidays as they have better grass than us and he can socialise with others.
I've not done much with Fizz this year as she did something to herself in the field back in February and has been lame for months.  It seemed to be in her off hind fetlock joint as that was hot but not swollen.  She improved over the weeks but was still subtly lame.  The physio girl found that her pelvis was way out and has been treating that with great success.  I've been riding her gently once she was sound enough and she's had her saddle checked, so all set to go once she is totally right.  You can only see that she is unlevel on a circle now and she seems to be fine out hacking - walk, trot and canter. We enjoy our outings around the forest - so lucky to have such marvellous riding on our doorstep. She is looking much better and is feeling well in herself - even beginning to shy at things which she has never done before.

Jenny Barnes and Linhay Lale
Jenny writes:  I broke Lale in this winter - a strange time of year to work on a horse? I wanted to get her going, firstly before the flies are around, as she has a big reaction to fly bites, and secondly to not give her any stress in the spring as I lost her full brother to Equine Grass Sickness, and a possible contributing factor may have been stress.
    I had been in two minds what to do with her:  I tried to mate her last year, which would have given her more time to mature, but wasn't successful. So getting her going seemed the best option, and I am glad I did.
    She rides out alone round our farm happily. Our first external outing was to a XC schooling day. She went with my other horse, who led her over tiny jumps at the walk, then trot (she was more concerned about horse whizzing past than the jumps), then we set off round the course and she followed him over all the smallest of jumps at 2' 6''. I was delighted. She was calm but interested in all going on. She did not want to come home and was slow to load.
    Since then we have done two fun rides - see photo of her jumping:  northcoteimages Barnstormers fun ride April 23rd – p.2,  number 090. She is in the fly rug. Her mate stopped at the fence and she was honest to keep going. She loves jumping and was giving him a lead for the rest of the ride!
    She is still slow to load coming home - a real party horse! but getting better. I plan to do more with her this summer- weather and ground permitting, and hopefully hunt her in the winter. I use her to round up the sheep on the farm. She learns quickly and turns fast to move them on. She will nudge a slow lamb with  her nose!
    I am enjoying her a lot.

News from Wales:


Pembridge Samarkand (Anglo-Teke) is getting into her stride eventing. She is doing small competitions in the back end of this year, with a view to going BE next spring.
    Rachel Kinsey writes: "We are having a lovely time together and are very grateful to Kate Telford for letting us have her. She has fitted in right from the moment she arrived and has been admired by everyone when we take her out. Hopefully there will be lots of good times to come."

Pembridge Samarkand Pembridge Samarkand


Junuwitsch now has three mature offspring. Thea is starting to work Freddy (Pharach Firebird) herself, while Danny (Pharach Firedance) has gone to Lesley Dunn's Endurance yard to be covered by the leading endurance stallion Chatanz. The half-bred Sunny (Pharach Sunbird) is now in Leeds with Jo Preece.

Pharach Firebird
Freddy (Pharach Firebird)

Angela Baxter writes:

Azar has been out and about this year, and is off to the Royal London Show on September 2nd for the Rare Breeds class.

Azar at Royal London Show Azar Azar at home
Azar at Royal London Show
Photo: Ruth Staines
Sarah-Jane Evans
Azar at home
Photo: Darya Hannigan

Kyzyl Akhal-Tekes

We, too, have found the breeding world moribund this year. The boys have had great fun trying to impregnate two elderly and infertile mares, while I have lost the will to live over nine coverings. On the plus side, Sam's first foal has been born - a lovely bay filly out of a TB x Suffolk mare. Marguerita is beautifully correct and very pretty! Conceived by frozen AI, she was, unlike my two visitors this year, absolutely no work for me at all! I think there's a moral here...



Ainur has progressed from BE80(T) classes to BE90. So far she has done Sapey and Solihull, with one run-out at each, clear SJ and improving dressage. Roz is beginning to thrill to the excitement of XC - as is Aina - and is delighted to find that the bigger the fences are, the better the horse goes. We have two more (subject to ballot) this summer: West Wilts and Moreton Morrell.

We also have three new riders. Harriet is trained by Roz' trainer Barbara Leach, so is the perfect dressage rider for Teddy. Jayne is an AI, highly competent and well able to hack out on her own. Emma is a new rider, and is currently getting to know the breed through the ever-gentle Gulara.

Stop press:

Jill Thomas writes: We are delighted to say that both Gidchi Shael and Anisha are in foal to Salimrashid. It has been a long hard summer of vet visits but well worth all the effort!



It is with sadness that Team Teke has to report the death of Pax, whose activities and achievements have been reported in these columns. His owner, Stephanie Richards writes:  ' we have unfortunately had to have him put down.  He was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease in his hocks and spine,  and although at the beginning it looked as though we would be able to control the condition with bute and gentle exercise, it got progressively worse and it was clear he was in considerable pain and it was not going to get any better.


He was a fantastic horse who made sure he was always at the centre of attention: it was clear that he was not going to be happy in the field while the others went to competitions and we felt that it was the best thing for him. '

Aschir 2010                          

Owner Jacqui Bradbury writes: 'Aschir has competed a season at BE 100 level, and is currently schooling at Novice and Intermediate Level (FEI 1*/2**): we are aiming to compete at Novice level in the coming season. He continues to create huge interest wherever he goes and is a great ambassador for the AT in the UK'.