It has been announced that Jill Thomas is kindly donating trophies for Akhal-Tekes at this year’s National Palomino Society Show and All-Colour Gala Championships at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern, on July 11th/12th.

The Gala Championships (Sat July 11th) are open to all colours and include in-hand and ridden showing, dressage and jumping. As well as prizes for individual classes, a points accumulator system runs throughout the day and prizes are awarded based on this. Among the prizes are:

The Fawkes Trophy, presented by Ian Badcock, for the most points gained throughout the day by an Akhal-Teke horse in ridden classes, and

The Iriska Trophy, presented by J E Thomas, for the most points gained throughout the day by an Akhal-Teke horse in In-Hand classes

(these are both for pure-bred Akhal-Teke horses registered with VNIIK – i.e. in the Russian Stud Book).

Jill will be presenting rosettes for the best pure-bred registered Akhal-Teke in both Ridden and In-Hand World Breeds classes.

Team Teke GB will be presenting rosettes for the highest-placed Akhal-Teke pure- or part-bred in both World Breeds classes. These do not require registration with VNIIK, but some evidence of breeding may be requested.

BPS National Show (Sunday July 12th) This is colour-dependent, but includes dilutes – i.e. palomino, buckskin, cremello or perlino.

There will be trophies for the highest-placed pure-bred registered Akhal-Teke in Class 18: Ridden World Breeds, and Class 28: Ridden Cream Dilutes. Rosettes will be presented to the highest placed pure-bred registered Akhal-Tekes in Class 12: In-Hand World Breeds, and Class 36: In-Hand Cream Dilutes. TTGB rosettes will be awarded to the highest placed pure- or part-bred Akhal-Teke in both World Breeds classes, evidence of breeding may be requested.

Entries for the Palomino National Championships on the Sunday close on 25th June. Entries for the Gala Day (Saturday) may be made on the day but entries in advance (closing 25th June) are strongly requested as it enables the organisers to compile a catalogue listing all entries and relevant breeds.

Stabling is available on the Three Counties Showground. See schedules. Jenny Barnes is also offering stabling more cheaply at Birtsmorton, about 5 miles away. She can also offer space to corral if required, lorry parking and camping. Please contact her directly:, 01684 833662 or 07807877859.

Jenny will be offering a guided ride on the Malvern Hills on Sunday 12th July (and/or, if preferred, Friday 10th), for anyone who would like to make an interesting and varied weekend! We also plan a get-together on Saturday evening.

This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our horses and draw attention to the breed. If there is sufficient turnout there is the possibility of a specific Akhal-Teke Breed Class next year. Let’s make the most of it!

Information and schedules: