Points Competition

We have two competitions running annually: a Points Competition and a Photo Competition. For results and more details please click the links or see below.


Jenny Barnes runs an annual Points Competition. Points will be awarded for all competition results/completions, and for other outings such as fun rides and hunting, on a sliding scale comparable to achievement, with counting up and judging at the end of the year. We hope that this will give owners an incentive to get their horses out there to promote and, above all, enjoy them.

We are always  looking for sponsors to give prizes! If you can help please let us know!

Jenny writes: I hope as many people as possible will do the points competition (PC), in as many disciplines as people are interested in.

 It would be great if we could get our AT horses out and about as much as possible. Therefore the list below includes many disciplines. Please feel free to suggest more that you personally are doing. My AT is 14.2hh so I have included children's disciplines as well. Do contact me to discuss concerns and ideas you have regarding the points competition.

I will use the old points system for dressage, show jumping, endurance, eventing, XC/HTs and showing (marked * below) as a starting point in those disciplines. However it is all open to discussion as it is for us.

Any outing for the rest of the disciplines below will get 10 points. Extra points will be given for placings in events: 1st 30, 2nd 25, 3rd 20, 4th 15, 5th 10, 6th 5 points. (Disciplines marked * are in the original list – see the PC POINTS SYSTEM

If appropriate I could work out extra points according to how many entries in a competition i.e. the more entries/higher the jumping/longer the distance etc the greater the points collected. 

The rules can be refined as the PC evolves.
Dressage*   Eventing*  Showjumping*   Showing*  Team chasing  Hunter trials*  Le trec  Hunting Polocross/Polo  Mounted games  Gymkana  PC/RC clinics/rallies  Tetrathlon/Pentathlon  Western  Riding   Reining  Racing/Pony racing  Young handler  Driving  Vaulting  Handball  Fun rides/pleasure rides 
I hope we will go places with our AT horses and have fun and get pleasure from them.
We do not have to set the world alight and be high achievers - just enjoy! - and let other people know what an amazing  breed they are.
Jenny Barnes
Linhay, Birtsmorton, Malvern, Worcs, WR13 6AP.
01684 833662 / 07807 877859
jenny.f.barnes (at) gmail (.) com




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