Team Teke 2013 - 15




Sat/Sun 11th/12th July, Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcs

The GALA DAY on Saturday is open to all colours and includes classes for showing, showjumping and dressage. An accumulator points system runs throughout the day, with trophies and rosettes for the most successful entrants. Jill Thomas is kindly donating trophies for pure-bred, registered Akhal-Tekes gaining the most points in Ridden and In-Hand classes respectively.

She is also donating trophies on the Championship day (which is now open to all horses carrying the dilution gene - i.e. buckskin, cremello, perlino and smokey black as well as palomino) for the highest-placed pure-bred registered Akhal-Teke in Class 18: Ridden World Breeds, and Class 28: Ridden Cream Dilutes.

Rosettes will be given by both Jill (for pure-bred, registered Tekes) and Team Teke (for pure-or part-bred, registration not required) on both days.

Jenny Barnes will host a guided ride on the Malvern Hills for people who would like to come for the weekend. She can also arrange stabling a few miles from the showground at a much lower rate!

For full details click here.

Team Teke GB Akhal-Teke Calendar 2015

More than half the available copies of this have already been sold. If orders warrant it we will order a further batch if they are ordered by the end of December. Details and prices here


Friday 10th October 4.30 pm: Team Teke present

Zoë Henderson: Psychic Healer & Horse Whisperer

 at Kyzyl Akhal-Tekes, Little Mascot, The Doward, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 6DZ

Monmouth 4 miles, Ross 9 miles

Tickets £5, to include tea/coffee/squash and cake/biscuits

Raffle, kindly sponsored by Wye Valley Country Store, in aid of the Equine Grass Sickness Fund

Akhal-Teke breed information, etc.

Doors open and refreshments served at 4 pm!

Gate money to be divided equally between Team Teke GB and the EGS Fund. EGS Fund therefore the principal beneficiary of the evening.

For further information, contact Katherine 0780-3720501

Updated Friday 10th: Luckily, we have the best weather forecast all week! But *do* bring wellies... 

If you need directions please phone 0780 3720501 or 07824 678044.   

Of her work, Zoe writes, "I use hands on healing to restore the body and mind to health. It is effective for both localised pain and for assisting the body to restore normal function throughout. For pain relief, the effect is instantaneous and the healing is felt as deep heat... When I meet a new horse patient, I always psych into him first to see what is going on in his mind. I spend some time getting to know him and tune in. We communicate at this point, and I may get information from his past life and certainly from his earlier years with any damaging memories of specific events... then allow myself to be the vehicle to bring down the healing through my hands."

Further opportunities for human / animal healing in Herefordshire: 10th – 13th October 2014, including an All-Day Angels Workshop 12th October

Meet Zoë at Free Talk: 11th October 4pm – Dorstone Village Hall


Jill Thomas and Salimrashid - Winners of Gala Championship

Jill and Salimrashid flew the flag for Akhal-Tekes at the Variant Performance Gala Championship day of the British Palomino Society National Championships at the Three Counties Showground at Malvern on July 12th. They won the World Breeds Ridden class, won and were placed in ridden and in-hand classes and dressage, stood Reserve Ridden Palomino and Reserve Ridden Champion, also Reserve Supreme Champion, emerging as overall winners of the Variant Gala Championship. 

Akhal-Tekes were also represented by Ainur, ridden by Jessica Hassell, who won a showjumping class, and Jayne Lapping with Djargalan, placed twice in-hand.

Photographer Steve Wall said of Django, "I've been photographing horses for thirty years, and I've never seen a colour like that. You couldn't Photoshop that..."

Jessica and Ainur

Jayne with Django

Salimrashid and Djargalan in the Sporthorse line-up


We have a new sponsor!

Thanks to FEEDMARK, who have kindly sponsored the Photo Competition 2014 by donating a First Prize.


Opening of "The Golden Horses of Turkmenistan"

This exhibition (see below), organised by the Society of Equestrian Artists, opened with a party at the National Horse-Racing Museum, Newmarket, on Wednesday April 30th, where guests were able to view a stunning and varied collection of art works dedicated solely to the Akhal-Teke.

To see the exhibits online, visit

SEA Chairwoman and Press Officer Debbie Burt says, "Anyone interested in purchasing can contact the Museum, who can take payments over the phone."

photos courtesy of SEA


Jenny's visit to the 

International Akhal-Teke Conference in Ashgabat 2014

Beauty Contest  


Race Winner

Team Teke GB were invited to Turkmenistan this April, and I went with Camilla Mascall. It was a very interesting experience.

It is hard to know where to start as it is so different from England.

We saw many beautiful Akhal Teke horses. They have a beauty competition  where the horse were paraded in front of us. They shone with the special Akhal-Teke gene  and looked splendid.

The visit coincided  with the Turkmen Horse Holiday and we went to the races. Most horse are owned by government ministries like ‘the Turkmen State Service on Security Protection of Healthy Society’,  ‘the Horse Breeding Farm of Oil & Gas Complex of Turkmenistan’, ‘the State Border Service of Turkmenistan’  and the Ministry of Industry or Home Affairs, to name a few. The President owns MANY  horses...

The races are all flat races over 1600 - 2400m. As the President of Turkey was visiting they had flown over some horses from Turkey especially for that day, raced by Turkish jockeys only.  After each race the winning horse only was paraded in front of the stands (no winners enclosure), then given a scarf tied around its neck, and a rug was put on made like traditional wool carpet  house rugs.

When all the races were over a podium was put up and the 1st 3 jockeys were presented with gold, silver and bronze medals. Also a box of money and in some cases a box containing the keys to a new car. When all the presentations were over the car winners ran across the track and drove their cars away to much applause!

Jenny Barnes

All the racehorses wore national colour green tack

Riding demo with winners' cars in the background

With the Turkish jockeys in our hotel


Exhibition of Akhal-Teke art the National Horse-Racing Museum, Newmarket.


An exhibition dedicated to the Akhal-Teke horse. Further details:


The Turkmen Equestrian Festival opens this week (24 - 27 April) in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. This includes the 4th conference of the International association of Akhal-Teke Horse-Breeding. All best wishes for a good trip to Jenny Barnes, who is representing us there.



Healing Clinic Katherine Harberd has sent us details of a clinic in Herefordshire by psychic healer Zoe Henderson. Zoe writes, "My purpose in life is my passion: To help those in need of direction. To help those in need of healing. To connect with horses. 

Workshop Saturday 10th May 2014 in Dorstone, HR3
Individual human & animal healings 11th & 12th May 
Contact: Katherine 0780-3720501 



Buckskin/perlino/cremello classes at British Palomino Society National Championships

For the first time, there are to be classes at the British Palomino Society National Championships for "Variants" - i.e. all colours carrying the dilution gene. 

In 2014 the BPS is holding a two day show, a ‘Festival of Gold’: The Variant Performance Gala is a sports/performance related day open to ALL colours. There will be special awards in each class for the highest placed Variant (Inc Cremellos), Palomino and BPS member. There will be something for everyone of all levels. Classes include Dressage, Show Jumping, Ridden showing and some performance related inhand classes. Throughout the day a points scheme will run, culminating in the Gala Points Championship. For one year only, this is open to all riders and horses, whether BPS members/registered or not. 


David Webb


CELESTIAL HORSES:  Travels in Turkestan

(Talk and Akhal-Teke breed/ information stall as part of the "Ale House Adventures", a series of travel talks raising funds for Colwall Church in October 2013)

Organiser Carol Pearce writes: 

The evening raised £474, which includes the raffle and refreshments sold. This was way over our target of £250, but more importantly, two other things happened.

The quality of the talk made some people upgrade to a 'season' ticket for all four lectures, and with the passage of each talk word got around so that by number 3 we were bursting at the seams and for number 4 had to decamp to the church. The final overall takings were a staggering £1,577.05.


Team Teke GB Points Competition 2013 Results


1st - 1640 - Bethany Dee            (Midoak Magic Ikon)     - national ridden showing

2nd - 987  - Jill Thomas             (Salimrashid)                  - dressage, endurance

3rd - 915  - Lorna Winn-Jones  (Saintwestwell Raisa)    - dressage, hunting, showing in hand & ridden

4th  - 905 - Lorna Winn-Jones  (Saintwestwell Aktasha) - dressage, in hand/ridden showing

5th  - 455 - Jenny Barnes           (Linhay Lale)                 - hunting, fun rides, show jumping


Bethany wins a £25 Amazon voucher (donated by Scimitar Press) and a year's subscription to Your Horse Magazine (donated by Your Horse).


Well done to Beth, a fantastic result.

So wonderful to see an Akhal Teke at National level.

Yet everyone has done well.

We have some very high scores (and so close).

I am sure these participants have enjoyed their competitions.

WHAT a variety of disciplines have been competed in.

It was interesting that 4 out of 5 entries in the competition were part  breed Akhal Teke. They are doing a good job of spreading the word.

We have versatile horses!!!

I look forward to seeing what owners do next year with their horses.

Do not be shy - tell us what you are doing and enter the competition.

Jenny Barnes


Jenny Barnes and Linhay Lale have been hunting with the Ledbury as well as following the local Bloodhound pack.

They continue to lead escorted rides on the Malvern Hills. ..."I had to lead a nervous rider from Lale. I don't know why she came but I got her through to the end in one piece! The others were very good about it. I was worried Lale would be hyper after hunting but after 10 minutes she settled which did her good to have a quiet ride.
     I am taking her for a day with the Berkeley on Wednesday - it's all go!!
     I am so pleased with her.

Turkoman silver/cornelian tack 

Bo Carneholm - - bought this in Afghanistan in 1974, and wonders if anyone can date it or estimate its value?

News from Yorkshire!

Sunny (Pharach Sunbird) is for sale after much soul searching and realisation about just how much I can achieve in my busy life. In September 2012 we completed our first endurance ride in South Yorkshire and since then trained but not managed to attend another due to work, children and distances. Sunny was a late starter and has continued to progress as time has allowed thanks to the advice and help from Melanie Watson - Instinctive horsemanship. Her natural horsemanship techniques are the key to success with him. Sunny and I have recently joined Harewood combined training group to do dressage and he is scoring 6-8's but mostly 7's in his first tests this year. He won a ribbon in 2012 at dressage and his in hand work is fabulous. He is the most amazing horse – he only needs to be taught once and he will follow the simplest of signals. As long as he feels safe he is focused and willing and the times I have in the school with him are truly the most rewarding.
     True to his AT origins – Sunny is wary and cautious and can be spooky at times – his skill in "bananaring" around objects of suspicion is surpassed by no one and can be an interesting issue in a dressage arena with flower boxes!
     Selling him will be the hardest thing I have had to do but there’s definitely a career out there for him and he is wasted with me. Sunny is advertised through Endurance GB but a good home who understands his AT nature is more important to me than how quickly I sell him. In the meantime he will continue to keep me busy as ever!

Jo Scott

Fawkes Akhal-Tekes

Salimrashid did his first dressage competitions on April 21st with BD trainer Tess Wilson on board. He was very confused to start with as we had no trot up for the Vet and then miles at speed over all sorts of terrain; instead it was a gentle warm up followed by 4 minutes doing the test, washed face, back into trailer, fed, watered and two hours later a repeat performance in a larger arena!

     June 8th: Salimrashid completed his first 68km ride yesterday, it was quite a fun course with lots of good going for cantering on.
     June 29th: At Boconnoc, he did dressage on Saturday and got just over 70% winning a gold award - really pleased – before the Endurance on Sunday.
     October 5th: Salimrashid came third in his first 120km race at the Red Dragon!
We are now waiting to get him fitted with a sidesaddle and he will then be trained for showing and also some of his dressage tests will be aside.
    Meanwhile, we are hoping to get Anishi in foal to the German Akhal Teke stallion Daimar. He was the European Free Jump Champion; she has bred two stunning fillies by him and we would love to have a colt. She presented us with a super filly by Salimrashid last year.


Aylesbury Vale Akhal-Tekes

This summer I had a great fortune of finding a rider to join me on my Akhal Teke adventures. Katie has started riding with me in the beginning of summer and we soon realised that we enjoy doing a bit of everything and having a bit of fun with my two Akhal Tekes, Dominik, a 12 yo gelding and his 6 yo daughter Ayazgul. Katie has soon made friends with Dominik and came to enjoy him. So we have set ourselves a target of going to Kirtlington sponsored ride at the end of September and started getting the horses ready. We've put a few hacking out miles to get them fit, disappearing for up to 3 hours at times. We did some jumping as well and a kind friend took us to Gawcott cross country course for a bit of practise. It was the first time jumping Xcountry fences for Aya and she proved herself a reliable and very brave horse. Before we knew it the Kirtlington sponsored ride was upon us!  We had a great time at Kirtlington, lovely place to ride, lots of green open spaces to gallop, jumped some serious hedges, walls and fences. Lovely people, well organised and well marked out ride. Ansd two awesome horses! 3rd prize for the amount of money collected too for the afters!
We are planning some other adventures for the coming year so hopefully more Akhal-Teke fun to come!

Dominik leads Ayazgul at Kirtlington Park



(photos by 1st Class Images)

Dominik XC schooling

(photo Kelly Higgins)

Daughter and father in harmony

(photo Kelly Higgins)

Jenny Barnes and Linhay Lale…
     "…did a four-day ride across Wales: 80 miles in total, riding up to 8-9 hours a day.
     It was amazing scenery - such countryside - away from humanity for four days, with only the hills.
     Lale was great. She did it all barefoot - coped with flint tracks, forestry tracks OK and was not foot-sore at all. She looked fitter at the end!!!
     I had to lead someone at times as she was being bucked off. Lale is easy to ride one-handed and took it all in her stride. All the horses and ponies got on well.
     I got her in the sea up to her knees, so was pleased. She didn't know what to make of it at first. We went through bogs too!!
    I plan to go again next year."
Jenny and Lale have been leading guided rides across the Malvern Hills raising money for Equine Grass Sickness and for a leper colony in Malawi.

On the beach at Borth after riding across Wales

Guiding rides...

for charity fundraising

over the Malvern Hills


Beth Dee and Midoak Magic Ikon
Beth and Monty, having warmed up with a third place at the Three Counties Show, won three classes at the British Palomino Society National Championships, finishing with Reserve Champion in the ridden section.

Beth and Monty at Malvern

Photos by kind permission of Emma Bearman Photography

Kyzyl Akhal-Tekes

A quiet year, with jockey Rosalie kept busy with finals. Jayne and Emma helped to start Django, and Clare, a new rider, joined us. They have boxed out to Staunton Woods a few times for some lovely rides in the Forest of Dean.

Clare and Teddy...

...Jayne with Ainur and Emma with Django in Staunton Woods

Django raising the bar

Ainur has been taken on loan by an experienced, professional rider, Kisti Procter, and we look forward to seeing how the new partnership develops.
     Meanwhile, Gulara is in foal again – the first time she has been covered for six years – to Kambarbay.


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