Photo Competition


Results of the 2014 competition, kindly judged by Emma Bearman (

1st: Gill Suttle


2nd: Gill Suttle


3rd: Jayne lapping


4th: Ian Badcock


5th: Marina Bury


6th: Jackie Richardson


There was a total of 27 entries. Jayne lapping receives a £25 Feedmark voucher. Many grateful thanks to Feedmark for their kind sponsorship.

The wnning entries and others have been used to create the Team Teke GB 2015 Akhal-Teke Calendar. This is on sale at £4.99 + £1 p&p (£1.48 for 2/3, £2 for 4 or more). Fourteen Akhal-Tekes are featured altogether. Please email through the contacts page or email to order and arrange payment. Paypal available.

IIf you buy/sell 4 copies you receive the fifth free as commission!

Sample pages below:


Time to prepare for the next one...

For next year: Please send photos of your Akhal-Teke or part-bred to Gill Suttle, Little Mascot, The Doward, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 6DZ, gill (at) gillsuttle (.) co (.) uk. Digital photos are preferred. A minimum of 250 Kb is recommended, but please do not send files greater than 3 MB!
The best photos will be used for a calendar. A total of 43 calendars were sold from the first photo competition – a source of fund-raising and more publicity for the breed!

Photographs need not have been taken by you as long as you have the photographer's permission/copyright. NO PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN BY PROFESSIONAL EQUESTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS MAY BE ENTERED. Please supply the following details: 
•    Your name and email/snailmail address 
•    Name of photographer if not you 
•    The title of the photograph 
•    Name(s) of horse(s) featured 
•    Whether pure- or part-bred (% in latter case) 
•    Name of owner

The following conditions apply: 
•    The competition is open to any UK resident, and photographs may be of any UK horse 
•    If not your own photo/horse, the photograph is submitted with the permission of the photographer/owner 
•    Permission to use in the calendar is implicit in the submission of the entry 
•    You may enter up to three photos 
•    No entrant is eligible for more than one prize!

Results of the previous Photo Competition (kindly judged by Kerri-Jo Stewart): 
1st: Rosalyn Serex
2nd: Viki Ross
3rd: Jenny Barnes

Here are two of the calendar pages from 2012:





A big thank you to our generous sponsors: