Points Competition



Points Competition 2016 Results



1st and overall winner  Annette Richardson  FIRYUZA 925 (pictured above right)


3rd  Jenny Barnes LINHAY LALE



1st Gill Suttle TEDZHEN 645 (pictured below right)


Points Competition 2015 Results



1st  Lorna Winn-Jones  MAKSAT  4190  (pictured right)

2nd Jill Thomas SALIMRASHID   2310

3rd  Jill Thomas ZOLOTAYA MECHTA  1670

4th  Jess Hassell  AINUR   640

5th  Gill Suttle  AINUR  350



1st  Raymond Davison  SAINTWESTWELL SILVERMASK  1704  (pictured below, 2014)

2nd  Susi Sadler  RUDI  1545

3rd  Annette Hansford  FIRYUZA  687.5

4th  Jenny Barnes  LINHAY LALE  555




Points Competition 2014 Results



Overall Winner - 2680 points - Ray Davison and Saintwestwell Silver Mask - Endurance


Ray wins a year's subscription to Your Horse Magazine - thank you to Your Horse for kindly donating this prize.


This year for the first time entries have warranted splitting into Pure- and Part-bred classes. Our thanks to Saintwestwell for sponsoring the competition with rosettes.




1st Lorna Winn-Jones and Saintwestwell Maksat (2235 pts)

2nd Jess Hassell and Ainur (965 pts)

3rd Jayne Lapping and Djargalan (150 pts)



1st and overall winner Ray Davison and Saintwestwell Silver Mask (2680 pts) - photo above


awaiting photograph

2nd Lorna Winn-Jones and

Saintwestwell Aktasha (1610 pts)


3rd Annette Richardson and Firyuza (299.5 pts)

4th Jenny Barnes and Linhay Lale (280 pts)

Thank you to everyone who entered. Again a variety of disciplines have been competed in - some to a high level like Saintwestwell Maksat in showing & dressage and Ainur in Show Jumping and Saintwestwell Siver Mask in endurance.

Other disciplines entered were: veteran, condition & turn out, show horse, hunter, rare breed, riding horse, home produced, competition horse, in hand, senior plus, pairs, fun rides, & hunting.

It is wonderful to see Saintwestwell  Maksat doing so well at 24 years old. He is such a good ambassador for the breed.

We hope more people will send us their results & points in 2015 and enter the Points Competition - “every little helps” as Tesco says! Even if you only do a bit with your horse it’s worth entering. A reminder that in 2015 the year will run from January 2015 –February 2016 and then on from February every year.

We would like a photo of your horse in any situation please (either competing or at home relaxing) whether you entered the points competition or not. Please send a photo whose copyright you own. We would like to publish them on the website

We have some lovely rosettes and trophies sponsored by Saintwestwell which we hope to present at a summer social so please keep July 10-12 free. More details to follow.

The overall winner receives a year's subscription to Your Horse Magazine.

As I have said before, we would welcome any suggestions you may have as this is, after all, a competition for everyone.

                                                                                                     Jenny Barnes


Points Competition 2013 Results


1st - 1640 - Bethany Dee            (Midoak Magic Ikon)     - national ridden showing

2nd - 987  - Jill Thomas             (Salimrashid)                  - dressage, endurance

3rd - 915  - Lorna Winn-Jones  (Saintwestwell Raisa)    - dressage, hunting, showing in hand & ridden

4th  - 905 - Lorna Winn-Jones  (Saintwestwell Aktasha) - dressage, in hand/ridden showing

5th  - 455 - Jenny Barnes           (Linhay Lale)                 - hunting, fun rides, show jumping


Bethany wins a £25 Amazon voucher (donated by Scimitar Press) and a year's subscription to Your Horse Magazine (donated by Your Horse).


Well done to Beth, a fantastic result.

So wonderful to see an Akhal Teke at National level.

Yet everyone has done well.

We have some very high scores (and so close).

I am sure these participants have enjoyed their competitions.

WHAT a variety of disciplines have been competed in.

It was interesting that 4 out of 5 entries in the competition were part  breed Akhal Teke. They are doing a good job of spreading the word.

We have versatile horses!!!


I look forward to seeing what owners do next year with their horses.

Do not be shy - tell us what you are doing and enter the competition.


Jenny Barnes


Annual Points Competition 

Points are awarded for all competition results/completions, and for other outings such as fun rides and hunting, on a sliding scale comparable to achievement, with counting up and judging at the end of the year. We hope that this will give owners an incentive to get their horses out there to promote and, above all, enjoy them.

We are currently looking for sponsors to give prizes. If you can help please let Jenny know!

Jenny writes: I hope as many people as possible will do the points competition (PC), in as many disciplines as people are interested in.

 It would be great if we could get our AT horses out and about as much as possible. Therefore the list below includes many disciplines. Please feel free to suggest more that you personally are doing. My AT is 14.2hh so I have included children's disciplines as well. Do contact me to discuss concerns and ideas you have regarding the points competition.

I will use the old points system for dressage, show jumping, endurance, eventing, XC/HTs and showing (marked * below) as a starting point in those disciplines. However it is all open to discussion as it is for us.

Any outing for the rest of the disciplines below will get 10 points. Extra points will be given for placings in events: 1st 30, 2nd 25, 3rd 20, 4th 15, 5th 10, 6th 5 points. (Disciplines marked * are in the original list – see the PC POINTS SYSTEM

If appropriate I could work out extra points according to how many entries in a competition i.e. the more entries/higher the jumping/longer the distance etc the greater the points collected. 

The rules can be refined as the PC evolves.
Dressage*   Eventing*  Showjumping*   Showing*  Team chasing  Hunter trials*  Le trec  Hunting Polocross/Polo  Mounted games  Gymkana  PC/RC clinics/rallies  Tetrathlon/Pentathlon  Western  Riding   Reining  Racing/Pony racing  Young handler  Driving  Vaulting  Handball  Fun rides/pleasure rides 
I hope we will go places with our AT horses and have fun and get pleasure from them.
We do not have to set the world alight and be high achievers - just enjoy! - and let other people know what an amazing  breed they are.
Jenny Barnes
Linhay, Birtsmorton, Malvern, Worcs, WR13 6AP.
01684 833662 / 07807 877859
jenny.f.barnes (at) gmail (.) com


•    You must indicate your intention to Jenny Barnes (jenny.f.barnes (at) gmail (.) com, or 01684 833662) to take part. Please name the horse(s) concerned at that time.

•    Please note that no entries will be accepted without submitting a Points Card.


1st  prize and a voucher for £15 from Wye Valley Country Stores: RUDI Susi Sadler 524 points
2nd: MUALIM Maria Baverstock 263 points
3rd: LINHAY LALE Jenny Barnes 223 points


A big thank you to our generous sponsors: