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Saturday  4th November 2017



a presentation of horses, talks, discussion, with light refreshments and a raffle




1.30 pm - 5 pm

*Draft* Programme:

1.30 pm Presentation of pure-and part-bred Akhal-Tekes in the outdoor school

2 pm Display of in-hand Classical Dressage by Maria Baverstock of Akhal-Teke UK

2.30 - 2.45 pm move indoors for:

2.45 pm Presentation by Lisa Elliot MSc, nutritionist for Castle Feeds. 

3.15 pm Maria Baverstock of ATUK: "The Akhal-Teke in dressage and endurance".

3.45 pm Light refreshments, raffle and time for questions and individual discussion

4.00 pm Liz Troman MSc RVN, Saddle Fitter: "How to look after your horse's back"

4.30 pm Caroline Baldock: "Tracing the origins of the Thoroughbred to the Akhal-Teke/Turkmen horse"

We hope to have some stabling where people may visit the horses and talk to their owners. Usk College currently expect to have three stables available, but this may change!.

** Health & Safety! Before approaching horses, individuals must have their own personal accident insurance. Doing so will be taken as a statement that this is the case.**

** Please let us know of your interest beforehand, in case we run out of space!**

Contact form or email gill@gillsuttle.co.uk or jenny.f.barnes@gmail.com

Attendees are requested to bring their own mug for refreshments. Plastic disposable cups will be provided, but are discouraged as not environmentally friendly!

Entry £5 pp

Further details will be added in due course




Castle Feeds'Smart Zero Range is formulated using the highest quality ingredients to support work, performance and condition, with minimal starch and sugar levels. As the name would suggest, our Smart Zero feeds have Zero Molasses and Zero whole cereals to help achieve this aim.

Designed to provide quality nutrition to horses and ponies with metabolic / endocrinal conditions, or those at risk from gastric ulcers, the low sugar and starch formulations in Smart Zero provide the levels of energy and supporting micronutrients required for performance and to maintain or gain weight and condition.

Castle Smart Zero feeds are extremely versatile and provide a healthier option for all active horses and ponies, including competition, sport horses, and veterans.

More information: http://castlehorsefeeds.com/our-feeds/smart-zero-mix/

Team Teke GB would like to thank Castle feeds for their sponsorship of this event.



Apologies to people viewing in Google Chrome, which appears to shrink the photographs!



Bag Smart Zero Mix

Bag Smart Zero Cubes

Bag Smart Zero Mash    all from the Castle Feeds Smart Zero Range (see left)

Bottle of wine

Box of chocolates

Pot-grown garden Forsythia

Pot-grown large Agapanthus

Garden herb selection

T-shirt and cap from Turkmenistan

Set travel books

Framed travel picture




Championship winners Sypayi vK and Jacqueline Bradbury


Sat ? July 2018   Three Counties Showground, Malvern



We are advised that " the BPS Show Committee is working on a new format for the Gala and BPS National Championships "


At the 2017 Gala Day, open to all breeds and colours and with dedicated Akhal-Teke classes, we had a good turnout of pure- and part-bred Akhal-Tekes flying the flag for the breed, with showing winners and many placings. Let's try and have even more next year!

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS  (Sunday ?th July) are now open to dilutes - buckskin, cremello and perlino as well as palomino.

Dates, schedules and format to be posted as soon as they are decided by the Show Committee





A number of shows hold classes for foreign breeds, and increasingly the Akhal-Teke is specified in some schedules. To find your local shows, see the list on the website of the Foreign Breeds Society: 





Sunday 17th September 2017

Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex, Nr Rugby, CV23 8AJ


The FBS write "We have greatly expanded from the inaugural 2016 event... a new section Open for any Foreign Breed (qualified or not and open to both members and non-members)." For schedule click here and follow the link on the page.



Please tell us if you take part in a Rare Breed class, as the best Akhal-Teke or part-bred will receive a Team Teke rosette. If you let us know in advance it can be sent ahead and presented at the show. Rosettes kindly donated by Chase View Veterinary Clinic.


This runs across all disciplines
     Points will be awarded for all competition results/completions, and for other outings such as fun rides and hunting, on a sliding scale comparable to achievement, with counting up and judging at the end of the year.
      If you haven't already got details/points sheet, it's not too late: please contact Jenny Barnes (jenny(.f)(.)barnes(@)gmail(.)com). You can read and download details HERE.




A big thank you to our generous sponsors: